≫ Multiple offerwalls Integrated many ad networks, more can be added remotely by using the bakcend.
≫ Multiple games Other than pre-integrated games HTML5 games can be added remotely by using the backend.
≫ Multiple login system Facebook, Google, SMS and Custom login / registering options
≫ Tournament and Rewards Integrated Quiz Tournament and other games where user can push their luck.
≫ Referral CODE and LINK Both referral link and invitation code system added.
≫ Daily check-in Daily free points reward (amount can be set by backend)
≫ Leaderboard Leaderboard based on previous day's performance.
≫ Built-in chat support Built-in app-to-backend chat facility added for support system.
≫ Multiple notification system Global notification, Push messaging and Local messaging
≫ Better banning system Banned user will get his device blacklisted and also other divices if there is any login attempt.
≫ Block rooted device Block / Unblock rooted device by the backend
≫ Block VPN connection Block VPN or silently count how many times user connected thru VPN
≫ Active users on Geo map Geo map with currently active users
≫ App update notification Client app update notification (optional or compulsory)
≫ Optimized PHP backend Can run on shared hosting and in any platform such as Windows Server, Linux hosting etc.
≫ many more...